Research says that the no. 1 risk concern that people all over the world experience is Reputation Damage. When ones reputation is tarnished, chances of business growth and profit is almost NIL. So to build a strong Reputation it is important to concentrate on building your FEARLESS Personal Brand!

The S.T.A.R Club (created under the DYP Program) is custom made for entrepreneurs and knowledge givers who are ready to build their Reputation as fearless and trusted experts.

What makes a trusted expert?

Well, there are so many factors that need to be considered as a part of your presence.

Whether it the way you market yourself or the way you confidently talk about what you do or even the way you tell your story that makes people relate to you, your presence matters and it works as a deciding factor for people to associate themselves with you or not.

How have leaders like Oprah Winfrey, Tony Robbins, Richard Branson, Michelle Obama and the likes, built their own reputation?

They started from ground up, building a strong foundation, then implementing various aspects of their presence and then mastering what they felt they needed to work on the most.

In our series of courses, you will be equipped with every single element of the strategy that will help you reach out as a reputed personal brand, online and offline.

Are you ready? Join the bandwagon of successful, fearless and selectively prominent leaders in the industry.

Start learning!

"Diya is an amazing blend of poise, confidence and value. Her sessions are full of necessary information that one needs in order to build their Personal brand."

- Anne Joseph